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the microlearning community
that’s mapping the internet

create content
✍🏽 curate content

build your knowledge from your browser

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capture from your browser with the extension

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connect and save
your resources
in the cloud

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collaborate with your community by
sharing your trees

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share and explore resource maps with the jotted community...

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Frequently Asked Questions

who is jotted for?

lifelong learners, educators, professionals who want to stay up to date-in their field

does this mean I can share bookmarks with my team?

Yes! You can share bookmarks with your team by clicking the "Share" button on the bookmark card.

why are mindmaps a better way to organize information?

mind mapping organizes information in the same way that your brain works

can I use jotted as a personal search engine?

Yes! You can use jotted as your personal search engine to find the best resources on the internet.

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